How To Implement Remote Working

While the world is currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become apparent that many companies and employees are wholly unprepared to transition to full remote working. The world has only just begun to feel the negative economic consequences of these trying times. It is undeniable that all across the globe, countless people are currently out of work and many more will experience unemployment and financial hardships as these tragic circumstances continue to unfold. However, one positive thing in this terrible situation is modern technology. Due to current technology, we are experiencing many advantages that were unavailable to our ancestors that dealt with infectious disease outbreaks.

Working at Home With Your Dog

For most dog owners, the thought of staying home all day with their pooch is a dream! Likewise, most dogs would love for their best friend to be with them all day. While this scenario sounds very heartwarming and appealing, if you work from home with a dog in the house, you could encounter hurdles … Continue reading Working at Home With Your Dog

Is Remote Employment Right For You?

Remote jobs are positions that allow professionals to complete their work outside of a conventional office setting. Remote employment is based on the notion that it is unnecessary for work to be performed in a specific location in order to be completed successfully. Rather than commuting to a designated workplace each day, remote staff are … Continue reading Is Remote Employment Right For You?

5 Benefits of Working at Home

Embarking on the journey of starting a home-based business may seem like a monumental feat. Whether you are quite positive that you want to pursue a home based business or you are fearful and experiencing doubt, take some time to ponder just a few of the many benefits of working at home.  Daily Commute Commuting … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Working at Home